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    Frequently asked questions

    How can I send shipments to and from any city in the world?

    By entering Azizshipping website and request shipping shipment in simple steps.

    Or call one of the following numbers 0565365252- 56 536 5050 and our representative will contact you as soon as possible

    If I have a claim for a lost or damaged shipment, how long does it take Azizshipping to respond after submitting the claim?

    Within 48 hours your request will be answered and you will be informed about the required procedures

    How can I track my shipment?

    You can track your shipment through the website

    There are many services that can be obtained also through the site such as requesting a shipment, a financial report on the shipments and payments, your customers’ sites of storing and many other services, you only need to go to the website and learn about all our services

    And soon there will be a mobile application that contains many services that customers can take advantage of

    How do I know about the time of receiving the shipment from Azizshipping?

    You will receive a message on your mobile that your shipment has arrived.

    It can also be tracked through our website

    How long does it take to receive my shipment?

    We deliver shipments within one day from receiving it and up to 48 hours maximum.

    Is it possible for my shipment to be received by someone else who has my receipt code?

    Yes, anyone can receive the shipment, but he must show his ID to our representative upon receiving the shipment

    Are there any restrictions on the types of products I can ship?

     There are no restrictions on the types of products shipped other than those shown, such as food, flowers, and what is like that for domestic shipping.

    As for shipping outside the country, each country has its own shipping policies.

    So when you select the type of your goods and the country that you will send them to, our shipping manager will inform you whether there are restrictions or if they are among the goods allowed to be transported.

    What are the shipping services provided by Azizshipping ?

    1. E-commerce services.

    Creating a better delivery experience for your customers as we provide delivery services on the same day or the next day and paying in cash or by paying with an electronic card – Visa or Master Card – upon delivery across the Gulf countries

    2. Retailers, factories and international freight

    We provide the best distribution solutions for retailers and manufacturers within the United Arab Emirates

    3. Interpersonal deliveries

    We work to save you time and effort and to make your life easier.

    Tell us what you want us to deliver, the place of receipt and the place of delivery. We’ll take care of the shipment so that you will have more time for the things you love.

    4. Merchants on social media.

    There are many merchants on social media platforms who struggle with the currently existing shipping companies, whether by adhering to deadlines or keeping their goods safe or delaying in the transfer of funds.

    Overcome these problems and manage all your shipments online through our website

    5. International shipping

    Professional services that Pay attention to legal documents and important shipments while providing a full range of shipping solutions from prompt delivery to international services.

    How much does delivery cost? And Are all regions are delivered to with the same price?

    The shipping price is 35 dirhams for individuals. As for companies, they start from 25 dirhams. The more shipments you have, the lower the shipping cost. We also cover all regions within the United Arab Emirates.

    Do you provide daily delivery? Do you deliver to all the regions daily?

    Yes, there is a same-day delivery and it costs 60 dirhams for companies.

    Also, there is a day after receiving the goods delivery.

    We also cover all the cities of the country and all its regions and our team is fully aware of all the regions of the country

    As for the remote areas away from the main cities, we cover them twice a week

    Do you provide cash on delivery service?

    Yes, there is a cash on delivery service, whether by cash, Visa or MasterCard

    When will the funds be transferred to the merchant account?

    Funds are deposited one day after they are received.

    Do you provide Food shipping?

    Yes, only within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, at a price of 50 dirhams, but unfortunately, for the rest of the cities of the country, there is no such service at the moment, but it will be available soon

    Are orders delivered in an orderly manner?

    Our representatives are trained to maintain the shipment status away from damage or breakage and to deliver shipments in an elegant and safe way.

    Also, all shipments are packed in cartons to protect the goods from damage or breakage and are checked by the shipping manager before leaving our branches.